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Project Management Consultancy for architects involves providing expert guidance and support throughout the project lifecycle. This includes planning, execution, monitoring, and control to ensure successful project delivery within time, budget, and quality constraints.

Feasibility reports for builders, developers, and landowners involve conducting thorough assessments of proposed projects. These reports analyze various factors such as market demand, financial viability, legal and regulatory compliance, environmental impact, and technical feasibility. By assessing these aspects, the reports help stakeholders make informed decisions on whether to proceed with the project or not.

In essence, the consultancy services assist architects in efficiently managing projects, while the feasibility reports help stakeholders determine the viability of their ventures before committing resources and efforts.



Site map

Khandke Buildings

Dadar West

Redevelopment of a portion of the 'Khandke Property,' bearing F. P. Nos. 79, 80, 83, 84,85, and 86 of Mahim Division's Town Planning Scheme-IV, located in Dadar (West) in G/N Ward, under the provisions of amended DCR-33(7)/ 33(9).

Total Plot Area : 5257.74 sqm

Total no. of Tenants : 380

Gautam Nagar, Shanti Nagar and Shalibhadra.

Malad East

Redevelopment of Gautam Nagar,Shanti nagar and Shalibhadra bearing F. P. Nos. 151,152 & 147 of Malad East  Division's, located in Malad East in P/N Ward, under the provisions of amended DCR-33(7)(B)/ 33(9).

Total Plot Area : 7950.80 sqm

Total no. of Tenants : 200

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